2021 New Design Large 7L Smart Garden Planter Hydroponic System Comes with Built-in Pump Plus Climbing Trellis Perfect for Greenhouse Farming Machinery

Smart Hydroponic big home grow set for big plants 6.5L-first in the world for big plants by indoor homegrowUse durable food grade PSE material lasting for around 10 yearsHas built-in Pump and smart lack of water reminderTwo layers water tank, large circulation to support good growthBig water tank, 6.5Litre, could support good gr

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2021 New Design Big 7L Smart Garden Planter Hydroponocs System Come Built-in Pump Plus Climbing Trellis Well Fit Greenhouses Agricultural Machinery

Smart Hydroponic big home grow set for big plants 6.5L-first in the world for big plants by indoor homegrow
Use durable food grade PSE material lasting for around 10 years
Has built-in Pump and smart lack of water reminder
Two layers water tank, large circulation to support good growth
Big water tank, 6.5Litre, could support good growth and no need to take care by a long time
if you buy more than one piece, the unit could be connected together by a cable, cable is available

(put where could get good sunshine)
*suitble for big plants like tomatoes, eggplants, hot peppers, cucumbers, vegetables, flowers at home, balcony and small scale greenhouse
*can start from seeds, no need propogating
*our set come with 150cm climbing trellis

Features:OUR UNIT COULD GROW SUPER AS PICTURES, NOT ONLY A INDOOR HYDROPONIC GROW CONCEPT, BUT REAL GROWING MIRACLE, as long as you follow instructions, you could get your tomatoes, cucumbers, even melons grow super indoor, with this smart hydroponic planter, it is EASY-CLEAN-SAFE-CONVENIENT, BUT COULD GET SUPER HARVEST, put where could get direct sunshine, it has built-in pump for good circualtion to support super growth, and smart reminder when lack of waterYOU COULD GROW ALL YEAR AROUND WITH IT INDOOR-SEASON FREE, it is CLEAN, EASY, SAFE AND CONVENIENTSMART AND EASY-just add the water and fertilizer when it reminds you, no need to take much care, anyone can be a good gardener, IT COULD BE CONNECTED TOGETHER BY A CABLE TO SHARE A ADAPTOR, IF YOU BUY TWO SETS OF ITSUPER HARVEST, with big size pots & basin, can grow bigger plants as well besides herbs, like tomato, cucumber, peppers, eggplants, it can grow faster and you can get good experience and fun with it, if you grow big plants, please keep one plant at each pot when it is around 15cm in height, our unit come with 150cm height climbing trellis for climbing plantsSUITABLE FOR anyone, kids, adults, and the senior, for ANYWHERE indoor where could get direct sunshine-it is important, home, kitchen, closed balcony, office, hotel and restaurant, good for MOST OF THE PLANTS AND FLOWERSSuitable for:

It can be suitable for everyone, kids, old people, adults, home, Office, kitchen , hotel, restaurant... and school teaching, and a good gift item
use new Hydroponics technology which is clean, convenient, safe, easy, do not need too much care
1)You can start from seeds in our unit, no need  propogation
2)Plant in any countries, any seasons indoor
3)Intelligent control with big basin and built-in pump for good circulation, plant both short vegetable and big plants like big tomateos, melons
4)No need to be taken care, leave it alone, OK! Will remind you when need water and fertilizers  
5)You can get Planting period is shortened by 30%, at the same time, output can increased by 30% too, make planting easy and convenient, no need to take much care
6) Good material and long lasting by about 10 years
7)Plant as many as you want, it can be enlargeable by a cable
8)Clean, convenient and safe, no pesticide needed & no heavy metal
9)Plant in any season indoor, a special good scene especially in winter
10)Suitable for everyone, kids would love it, the old and adults would all interest by this experience  

If you want to have a good smart hydroponic tabletop garden, here we are 
You can garden all year-round with this smart soil free hydroponic unit
It is easy, safe, clean and Convenient 
It is season free, suitable for home office and Kitchen 
Grow fresh herbs, vegetables, salad greens, flowers and more in this smart tabletop garden 
Can grow 2 pots of plants with amazing scene better than you can expect 
High-performance, put where can get good sunshine, it can grow faster and better than natural growth, with good harvest 
Easy-to-use control system that automatically reminds you when to add water and nutrients 
It is suitable for everyone, kids, old people, adults, family, office, kitchen ... and school teaching, is also a good gift item 
Use new Hydroponic technology which is clean, convenient, safe, easy, do not need too much care, everyone can be a good gardener with it 
Fertilizer and seeds not come with the unit, but you could by together with the pack kids separately 
plant and fertilizer not included, planting medium included already

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