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2022-05-20 22:37:39 By : Ms. Christine Zhao

LE SSERAFIM will continue to promote as a five-piece for the time being.


On May 20, HYBE and Source Music released a detailed statement revealing their side to the allegations of school bullying made against LE SSERAFIM member Kim Garam. They have stated that the company has refrained from giving specific details about the incident so far because of the involvement of multiple minors and third-parties in the situation. However, they have now decided to explain their side as the suspicions against their artist continue to rise with baseless accusations being made.

The statement further involves a detailed explanation of what they claim to be the happenings of an incident during 2018 when Kim Garam was in middle school.

HYBE and Source Music have also denied multiple false rumors regarding Kim Garam, including that she was forced to transfer schools, that she hit a friend with a flower pot or assaulted them with a brick. They have also denied the rumors of her smoking or drinking, using vulgar language or bad behavior towards other artists. According to the statement, Kim Garam has never been an idol trainee under another agency and was not forced to leave.

They have admitted that during an altercation in the past where Kim Garam was defending a friend, she used bad language and acted in a way that made the person feel threatened. They have apologised for the same. At the same time, they have presented multiple statements claiming that Kim Garam was a victim of cyberbullying and school violence.

Towards the end of the statement, it has been revealed that Kim Garam will suspend activities for a while and she will focus on healing her injured mind. Until she makes a return, LE SSERAFIM will promote as a five-member group.

You can check out the full statement below.

Further, it has been reported that though earlier it was confirmed that the group will appear on SBS’ music show ‘Inkigayo’ on Sunday, their appearance is now under discussion. The group’s scheduled activities for today, including appearance on 'Music Bank' and a video fan sign, were also halted as announced through a statement before.

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